Cement is an essential material for today's society as concrete is made from cement, which is an inevitable element for housing, commercial and infrastructure development. Measured on a kilogram per capita basis, concrete is the second most widely consumed material in the world, second only to water. Cement manufacturing processes have seen an increasing amount of local impacts (landscape disturbance, dust emission) and global impacts (CO2, SOx and NOx emissions). Due to these impacts, sustainable development has recently become a major strategic issue for cement manufacturers around the world. The cement industry is giving very specific attention for managing CO2 emissions.

Environmental Concerns

UltraTech Concrete is engaged in continuous search of competitive edge over environmental concerns such as ecological degradation at mines sites, air pollution due to both fugitive and stack dust emissions, and green house gases.

Raw material shed and net cover on the storage bins to control fugitive dust emission.

Continuous handling of raw material by a wheel loader generates the dust emission during operations.

Providing sheet cladding around the plant boundary.

3 stage ground dust collection system that comprises of cyclone unit, filter unit & suction cum stack unit.

Promoting value added concrete for sustainable construction.

st RMC in India meeting LEED certification requirement and best in class environment performance.

Using waste material effectively as a raw material; fly ash/ slag and micro silica.

More than 50% of raw material from rejected or unused concrete is recycled for making fresh concrete and used back in the process, as our commitment to sustainability. Self-energized electro chemical auto lubrication system.


Our Environmental Footprint

UltraTech is India’s first concrete company to meet the requirement of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and other green building rating systems as recognised by the Indian Green Building Council.

UltraTech Concrete is the first commercial RMC manufacturer in the country to adopt concrete recycling technology.

Corporate Social Responsibility

UltraTech has always believed in achieving balance between economic prosperity, environmental quality and social progress for sustainable development. We have ensured that our construction methodology adopted and the materials used lead to durable, long lasting structures, which have least harmful effects on the environment. UltraTech’s Duracon, Thermocon and Pervious products have been designed keeping sustainability in mind. They are designed for specific construction needs such as increasing strength post 28 days, improving the durability of structures and making them more impenetrable and resistant to chemical attacks. UltraTech, through its efficient concrete designs, uses more and more supplementary cementitious materials, thereby making it eco-friendly.