UltraTech Fibrecon is an enhanced crack resistant and relatively ductile concrete, produced by using different types of fibres like polyester, polypropylene, glass & steel, etc. that minimizes the problems of plastic shrinkage cracks of the concrete in the green stage and substantially improves its static and dynamic properties like flexural impact and tensile strength.


  1. Fibres increase in the homogeneity and cohesiveness of concrete
  2. Improved crack resistance, fire resistance, impact & blast resistance
  3. Additional flexural strength makes it ideal for abrasive surfaces like roads, pavements and industrial floors

Useful in a Variety of Situations

How To Use

  • Concrete should not be allowed to dry in the green stage
  • Curing should commence immediately after the concrete starts showing signs of dryness
  • Concrete should be thoroughly mixed at the time of placement for further uniform redistribution of fibre in concrete mass
  • Finally, use ‘broom’ finish