UltraTech Fire Safe helps in passive fire protection with its carefully chosen mix constituents that can withstand high elevated temperatures.

These control fire spread and its effect by providing sufficient fire resistance to prevent loss of structural stability within a prescribed time period, which is based on the building’s occupancy and fire safety objectives.


  1. It can be used to insulate industrial boilers
  2. It can be used in sandwich construction
  3. It is ideal for swimming pool bases
  4. Pizza & Bakery Ovens can be insulated by Fire Safe for safety & can get maximum output of fuel

Useful in a Variety of Situations

How To Use

  • Do slight manual compaction
  • Start curing after initial setting time of concrete
  • Cover concrete after finishing by gunny bags or polythene sheets
  • Plan to consume concrete within stipulated time
  • Use tested non absorbent shuttering material
  • Deploy skilled labors for placing
  • Do not vibrate the concrete mechanically
  • Don’t let open finished concrete up to final setting time
  • Don’t remove the formwork until the concrete is strong enough to do so
  • Sampling and Testing shall be done as per IS specification to get desired results