UltraTech Concrete Foundation plus is a specially designed durable and impervious concrete for all types of substructure and foundations. It is manufactured by mixing high-precision engineered cement, suitably graded fine coarse aggregates and special additives. This makes it a very cohesive and a uniform mix. It is pumpable and can be poured with ease into places that are difficult to reach. It helps in maintaining uniform levels and is very compact. It reduces permeability of concrete, thereby preventing chloride and sulphate ion attack on reinforcements.


  1. Reduction in thermal cracks due to low heat of hydration
  2. Longer durability of structure
  3. Minimizes water ingress and permeability
  4. Higher resistance to chloride and sulphate attack

Useful in a Variety of Situations

How To Use

  • Ensure adequate access to the pour or discharge point for personnel and equipment
  • Wherever possible, use the truck mixer chute to discharge concrete directly into its final position. Avoid dropping the concrete from a height
  • Start pouring from the corners/edges and move towards the center
  • Don't allow the concrete to pile up in large heaps or sloping layers
  • Place the concrete in a series of layers of equal depth - not more than 300 mm to 500 mm deep - only after the underlying layer is properly compacted