UltraTech Freeflow is a special concrete, produced by using high-quality ingredients including the latest 4th generation acrylic based super plasticizers and viscosity modifying agents that lend it a unique self-compacting feature, which in turn allows complicated, intricate and elegant designs without leaving any voids.


  1. Highly effective for RCC members with intricate and complicated shapes and sizes
  2. Avoids defects such as segregation and honeycombing
  3. Superior surface finish enabling faster construction and lower manpower requirement
  4. Better degree of compaction, hence better impermeability & durability

Useful in a Variety of Situations

How To Use

  • Concrete should not be allowed to dry and early curing should be commenced at site as soon as possible
  • The shuttering should be properly designed to support the dead load and liquid pressure exerted by the concrete in green stage
  • Shuttering needs to be erected and firmly supported to avoid bulging and dislocation
  • Shuttering should be water tight
  • Curing of concrete should be done as per IS: 456-2000. As concrete contains more powder content, prolonged curing is recommended