UltraTech Plus is a special concrete with an enhanced performance with respect to slump retention, early age strength and plastic shrinkage. It is specially designed with careful selection of raw material proportions and special additives to provide this enhanced performance. The special mix design of “UltraTech Plus” enables achieving excellent workability retentions without any ill-effect on the early strength of concrete. “UltraTech Plus” also provides extended time for placing, compaction and finishing of concrete. There is a considerable change in the hydration process of concrete, which reduces incidence of plastic shrinkage cracking. This in turn improves the structural durability.


  1. Excellent workability that makes compaction much easier and more effective

Useful in a Variety of Situations

How To Use

  • Early curing in the form of sprinkling is strongly recommended
  • Start of curing before loss of sheen/drying is highly recommended
  • It is designed to achieve 80% characteristic compressive strength in 7 days, hence formwork cycle time can be reduced accordingly
  • Sampling and Testing shall be done as per IS specification to get desired results