UltraTech Concrete Slab Plus has been designed for all kind of roofs and slabs. It is impervious, durable and has been designed by adding special additives and compounds that minimize chances of water seepage in the slab.

Made with high precision engineered control cement, the additives contained in it prevents corrosion of the reinforcements and thereby increase durability of the structures. Slab Plus is designed with finely engineered fibres which helps in minimizing shrinkage cracks in the concrete, thereby enhancing the life of the roof. Since outside water does not seep in, it reduces the need for frequent repair or painting of internal walls.


  1. Reduced shrinkage cracks and maintenance cost
  2. Enhanced durability features. Continues to gain strength in long term
  3. Easy placement
  4. Increased water-tightness

Useful in a Variety of Situations

How To Use

  • During summer consider an early morning or evening placement schedule to avoid a higher mid-day temperature
  • Keep the concrete surface wet by covering with damp hessian cloth, or burlap. You can also cover it with a polythene sheet
  • Cover the entire surface with hessian or jute cloth and keep it saturated with water throughout the curing period