The corrosion of reinforcement steel in concrete is a universal problem. It is one of the major reasons for failure of concrete due to loss of durability. If concrete is compacted well, leaving no voids, then the rate of corrosion can be controlled. For all practical purposes, even well compacted concrete is likely to have 1-2% voids through which ingress of moisture can take place, which leads to corrosion of steel. Steel embedded in concrete can expand 5-6 times more than its original volume due to corrosion, causing internal stresses and cracks in the concrete cover. These cracks further aggravate the corrosion process by allowing exposure of the steel.

To overcome the ill effects of corrosion of the steel reinforcement, UltraTech Concrete has introduced a special concrete called 'UltraTech Stainless'.

UltraTech Stainless is a special concrete that uses high-quality, corrosion-inhibiting agents that impart protection to the steel reinforcement by providing a protective coating to it, reducing the rate of corrosion of steel embedded in the concrete. The result - the steel stays strong for long and so does the entire structure.


  1. Allows the concrete cover to remain intact for longer duration
  2. Improves the durability and service life of the structure
  3. Savings from elevation of pre-coating to steel bars and concrete surfaces

Useful in a Variety of Situations

How To Use

  • Steel reinforcement used should be free of any rust
  • Before concrete is placed, steel reinforcement should be given cement water slurry wash
  • The concrete should be compacted well, leaving practically no voids
  • Specified depth of cover, as per BIS standards, should be strictly provided
  • During compaction it must be ensured that the cover blocks provided to the reinforcement are not displaced
  • If cover blocks are displaced, the same should be restored immediately before placing the concrete
  • In very aggressive and saline exposure condition, protective epoxy or equivalent coatings to the concrete may also be provided