Wherever mass concreting work is involved, large differences in temperature between the core and surface of structures results in thermal cracks. Higher concrete temperature means a lot of disadvantages. For example, high temperature leads to faster drying of concrete, loss of workability, formation of cold joints, excessive plastic shrinkage cracks, rapid evaporation of curing water and difficulties in finishing concrete and overall reduction in the 28 day compressive strength.

To overcome these disadvantages, UltraTech Concrete has introduced a special concrete 'UltraTech Thermocon'.

UltraTech Thermocon is produced using chilled water or ice flakes that helps control the temperature of the concrete and maintain it within acceptable limits. The other ingredients used in this concrete are also thermally controlled to bring down the temperature within acceptable limits at the time of placing. This considerably reduces the ill-effects of high temperature like thermal cracks, plastic shrinkage, faster drying of concrete, formation of cold joints, etc.

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  1. No rapid loss of slump and drying of concrete
  2. No early setting and stiffening of concrete
  3. Reduced plastic shrinkage and Ease for finishing
  4. No loss of compressive strength at 28 days

Useful in a Variety of Situations

How To Use

  • Steel reinforcement and shuttering should be sprinkled with cool water, before placing the concrete
  • Placing of concrete should be done immediately after receiving the concrete at site
  • Delayed compaction of the concrete should be avoided
  • Finishing should be done immediately after compaction
  • Early curing is highly recommended by way of covering the concrete with wet hessian cloth
  • Broom finish texture should be provided for the finished concrete surface of slab in particular