UltraTech Zip is a multipurpose premixed concrete available in buckets, manufactured from superior quality cement, specially selected & graded sand, coarse aggregate and best-in-class high performance additives and measured quality of clean potable water. It can be specially designed as per customer’s requirement in terms of quality, strength, workability and specific value added properties required for the job in hand. It gives you the liberty to plan and complete small concreting solutions. UltraTech Zip can be delivered even in small quantities and also in congested areas, where it is difficult to serve through transit mixers. It is packed in compact plastic buckets of 15 litres each. Depending on requirement multiple buckets can be ordered.

This offers tailor-made solution for all small concreting jobs.


  1. Ideal for small concreting jobs and repair work
  2. No wastage of concrete
  3. No wastage of raw materials
  4. It can also be delivered to sites in congested places where service through transit mixtures is not possible
  5. Concrete can be picked up from the UltraTech concrete plants or can be delivered to your site
  6. Greater flexibility in planning and completing small concreting jobs
  7. Value added concrete can also be supplied to meet specific construction needs

Useful in a Variety of Situations

How To Use

  • Concrete should be used within the specified time
  • Compaction of concrete should be done normally
  • Bucket lid should be opened just before pouring the concrete
  • Curing should be done as per norms